hi I'm Amy

Friends / whatevs


Please DM me if I forgot you lol


I'm Amy, I'm an 18 year old lesbian trans girl from the Netherlands

I'm a Discord bot developer and I can kind of code I guess

I use she/her pronouns, and that's basically it

I'm very uninteresting and I literally don't know what else to write about myself


I have autism so yea that's a thing

I may or may not be depressed on main from time to time but like please don't mind it too much

I'm sometimes kinda retweet triggerhappy so please don't mind that too much


if you literally don't have a brain

jokes aside I can't deal with people who fit basic DNI criteria (eg. lgbtphobic, superstraight, racist, sexist, etc.)

pedophiles/zoohphiles are not welcome here, please reject humanity and go back to your cum caves

you found the secret page

I'm proud of you

take this image


Due to recent events we have decided to temporarily lock down our Discord server, which means nobody will be able to join for the foreseeable future. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please check back later.